What is Equine Osteopathy?

Horses, like humans, also suffer from musculoskeletal complaints! We ask a lot more of our horses in this day and age and Equine Osteopathy can help with a number of issues:

  • Injuries following a fall
  • Poor performance
  • Changes to gait or stride length
  • Reluctance to trot or canter on certain reins
  • General back pain (including Kissing Spines)
  • Behavioural changes including bucking, rearing, napping, kicking,
  • Refusing to jump
  • Head shyness
  • Arthritis
  • Tendon or ligament overstrain

The owner/rider/groom must be present to hold the horse during evaluation and treatment.

Zoë is a member of the Association of Animal Osteopaths (AAO) and has been treating horses at both amateur and elite level for a number of years. She has worked as the Osteopath and Sports Therapist for the British Three Star Eventing Team since 2015, treating both the riders and horses at the European Championships, which take place every 2 years.

In addition to providing osteopathic treatment, Zoë also uses Laser Therapy (Grade 3B) where appropriate.

Aftercare & Follow up Appointments

After treatment, if appropriate, advice will be provided on rest, stretches and exercise that the owner can perform with their horse. Follow-up treatments will then be discussed with the owner. Many horses respond rapidly to their first treatment, while other horses may need multiple treatments over the course of a few weeks or months.

Veterinary Act 1966 (Sec 19)

In accordance with The Veterinary Act 1966 (Sec 19) permission from yourtreating vet will be required prior to treatment.



Equine Osteopathy
£65 per horse

Discounts for 4 + horses

Initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour, follow up appointments usually require less time.

Zoë works across Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxford, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Travel is included up to 30 mile radius of Marlborough SN8, thereafter it is £0.45/mile. Travel fees will be kept to a minimum where possible.

Please email or call to arrange an appointment.

£65 per horse